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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

This is a new little venture for me. I am going to be blogging weekly about everything from my final year in University, tips on how to create meaningful and fun art plus a little insight into my life as a 21 year old, and my hobbies and interests.

So follow along on this journey and lets see where it takes us...


I am currently in my third and final year of my Visual / Creative Arts degree. I get asked almost on the daily what job I am going to end up with at the end of it, and the honest answer is, I have no idea at all. I am just a 21 year old girl trying to create a future for myself and let me tell you, it's not easy. The creative arts field is so broad and there are so many amazing opportunities for young artists to put their work and name out there.

My idea of what I am going to do at the end of this year changes on the daily (seriously, it changes daily). I've thought about becoming a teacher, working as a freelance and commission based artist, Ive thought about becoming an interior / graphic designer and i have also thought about becoming a marketing and public relations manager at a major company. So that gives you a little insight of what runs through my head... its a lot!!!

2021 GOALS

My 2021 goals vary and are only small but I thought what better way to hold myself accountable and push myself then to start up a weekly blog and post them on the internet (not sure if i'm crazy but let's see how this goes!)

  1. Blog weekly

  2. create, create and create some more

  3. Finish uni degree

  4. Push my artistic limits

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