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Hey there,

Welcome to my creative outlet!


My name is Chloe Lang and I am a lover of all things design and creativity. Currently in my second year of University studying a Bachelor of Creative/Visuals arts. 

I have always had a passion and love for creating. Whether that be designing, photography or creating work for myself. 


I don’t have one particular style as I allow myself to explore different techniques and let the creative ideas flow. However, minimal line drawings and abstract photography are the two forms of media I tend to fall back on. 


Creating pieces of art for people is what I love to do. Seeing their vision come to life is an amazing feeling and something I will never get sick of. 

So, here I am, after 18 months of posting my work on Instagram (@cl_artwork, go and check it out) making this website as another creative outlet for my artwork.


I’m just a young girl chasing her dreams and let me tell you it feels so damn good. 


Feel free to get in contact with me for any more information! 


Chloe x





Photography, mood boards, minimal line drawings and abstract paintings are the main skills I focus on. My aim is to create personal pieces that fill a void in any home or space. 


I am able to work with you to create custom pieces of art in any shape and size that work harmoniously with your style and vibe. 


Send me a message and together we can create something magical. 

I aim to bring
visions to life

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